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Acciente - System Architecture and Software Design
Acciente - System Architecture and Software Design    
This section provides a brief overview of Acciente’s technology expertise and experience. The following are profiles of projects in which Acciente’s founder played the lead role.

Adagio is a mission-critical enterprise operations management system. The first version of Adagio went into full production use in 2002. Clients use Adagio to manage their operations and as a backbone of their online presence. Adagio is configured to support the model, workflow, pricing and other operational characteristics of each client. A new version of Adagio is released approximately every 3 months.

• 1.3 million lines of Java/J2EE code

• 250+ database tables

• service oriented application design with distributed subsystems

• runtime "personality" to support seemingly disparate behaviors from a single system

• workflow routing model using an innovative modified finite state machine

• integrated object and role based security

• robust financial transaction management using a network cash-flow model

• sophisticated billing, promotion and coop management

• price management model that allows pricing custom built products without tight data coupling

• multi-platform typographic document subsystem and repository

• I/O path optimization across subsystems


Business Analyst

• working with clients to identify business requirements

• evaluating the impact on requirements of short/medium/long term business plans

• analyze, rationalize and transform existing business process using automation

Systems Analyst

• translating business requirements into system requirements

• identifying and managing the impact of new requirements on the system architecture and

• design

Systems Architect

• striving to minimize the "design entropy" despite increasing complexity

• working closely with engineers to develop systems designs from system requirements

• fostering an engineer's ownership of the design process for his or her project, while

• maintaining the coherence of the overall system

• maintaining engineering standards to ensure a reliable, efficient and maintainable system

Project Manager

• planning and management of development resources

• planning and management of system deployments, version upgrades and migrations


• Java/J2EE, IBM DB2 v8.2, Servlets, RMI, CORBA/IIOP, JDBC, JNI,Java-COM, XML, Jython, C, Freemarker, Velocity, and other ISV provided server software

• IntelliJ IDEA, LogicWorks ER/Win, OnTime, Subversion, Tortoise SVN, JBoss, Borland App Server, Tomcat, Apache, Windows 2000/XP/2003, Debian Linux, shell scripting

DTSX is multi-user server that provides typographic services to remote clients.

• exposes services via an RMI API

• maintains stateful client connections

• allows concurrent client requests

• uses a no-wait, asynchronous API design

• each server instance may participate in a load-balancing server cluster


Systems Architect, Programmer

• principal designer of the server's public API, currently the API is in its 4th generation

• implemented the first generation of the server, including its concurrent dispatcher core

• worked closely with the current lead engineer on the design of the server core for

• subsequent generations


• Java, concurrent programming, Java-COM bridging, other ISV products

• primary operations management system

• client/server architecture to allow fast response times across slow WAN links

• classical 3-tier architecture

• application tier written entirely in PL/SQL to minimize network data traffic

• EDI interface to the stock exchange to download daily trading activity

• EDI interface to Business/400 accounting system running on the AS/400


• Systems Analyst, Architect and Programmer


• Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, Borland Delphi, LogicWorks ER/Win

• FIS Trader managed a portfolio of fixed income securities for an investment bank.

• replaced a first generation system, with dramatic simplification operations and improved access to information

• managed included treasury bills, treasury bonds, commercial papers, repurchases and reverse

• repurchases

• EDI interface to Business/400 accounting system running on the AS/400


Systems Analyst, Architect and Programmer

• work included managing a complex migration from the previous system


• CA-Visual Objects, CA-Clipper 5.2, XBase

A data wall to display stock trading activity at a broker’s retail office. The data wall was to initially have 32 display in a 4 by 8 grid.

• advanced distributed architecture to overcome hardware limitations and to simplify management

• single point of management for entire system

• layout and characteristics of “programs” displayed on the wall are completely user configurable

• fault-tolerance and automatic recovery integral to systems architecture based on remote object

• access model

• concept of subscription capable data pipes to allows users to work with disparate real time feeds


Systems Analyst, Architect and Programmer

• work included implementation of a remote procedure call layer to communicate between

CA-Clipper/DOS and C/Windows


• C, Windows GDI, CA-Clipper 5.2, Xbase, serial communications

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